There are various tools I use to build a site they include: php (a dynamic programming language), relational databases, CMS (Content Management System), html, javascript/ jquery, css (cascading style sheets) and SEO (search engine optimization.) Planning, building, revising, testing and final site launch are the steps I follow. Planning is the first step and most important stage of a site's development. Planning involves distillation of the site's purpose, content, design and user experience. During site construction, my clients have internet access, allowing them to see its development and test it. During this process revisions are made. After extensive testing, the site is launched. Client contact may be face to face, phone or Skype. Throughout this process client contact is weekly. Below, I've showcased five unique sites. Megan Isaacs Jewelry is a retail site, kshotz is a magazine, Pranic Healing a community and organizational site, George Burden, Law is a professional site and Treatment by Lanshin is a site that includes a membership.